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The Moravian Aerospace Cluster (MAC) is an association of 51 companies

and universities active in the aircraft industry. The cluster was founded in 2010

on the initiative of companies (the so-called bottom-up approach) in order to promote

the capabilities of Czech manufacturers in aviation. The core idea is to aggregate

capacities and skills to create a comprehensive range of development, production,

testing and certification services for the aircraft industry. This comprehensiveness helps

attract larger projects with higher added value which then remains in the Czech

Republic. MAC therefore focuses on supporting marketing (participation on trade fairs)

and "opening doors" for its members to gain potential customers (B2B missions and

contacts). An integral part of the cluster's activities is support for innovations and

projects by bringing member companies together with Czech and global partners.

In general, aviation is a sector where safety is of the highest priority. Oversight over

the entire production process and emphasis on quality is in the extreme. That entails

a number of certification requirements that the companies must fulfil. MAC helps

companies understand and implement these certifications; for instance, through

training, which can be funded through subsidies. The cluster also organises working

groups for quality managers.

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