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The Japanese bearings manufacturer NSK is known

for the high quality of its production,from the use

of special high-strength bearing steels through

innovative design solutions to perfect service.

It is the largest Japanese manufacturer of bearings,

ball screws, and linear guides. In Europe, NSK also

has an extensive network of production facilities

in Poland, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

To ensure a reliable supply, every NSK product

is manufactured in at least two production facilities.

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Gearboxes, traction motors, axle sets, and

door closing systems, all of these include

bearings in rail vehicles. The main requirement for these bearings is reliability.

NSK bearings for traction motors are designed to achieve longer service life, safety, and high reliability. These bearings

must meet requirements for high radial,

axial, and impact resistance, high speed,

and long and maintenance-free operating

times. Therefore, NSK uses superpure bearing steels. Both the inner and outer rings

undergo thermal dimensional stabilisation

and very rigid cages are used.