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will take place in February

with support leading industry leaders

Taiwan's Largest Trade

Show Since Outbreak

of the Pandemic TIMTOS

x TMTS 2022 Opens Next

February with Top

Industry Leaders Endorsed

TIMTOS x TMTS 2022, Taiwan's largest

first and only co-branded machine tool

show, will be held in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 and 2 from February

21 to 26, 2022. A total of 900+ exhibitors

will pack the exhibition halls with 5,200

booths. Notably, it will be not only the largest trade show in Taiwan since the outbreak of the pandemic, but one of the most

significant events for the global machine

tool industry in early 2022.

In an international press conference for

TIMTOS x TMTS 2022 today, the organizers, James C. F. Huang, Chairman of

TAITRA, Larry Wei, Chairman of TAMI

and Wen-Hsien Hsu, Chairman of TMBA

sat side by side with two industry giants,

Jimmy Chu, Chairman of Fair Friend

Group and Jui-Hsiung Yen, Chairman of

TTGroup, making an insightful panel discussion on the theme "Impacts, Challenges and Opportunities for Global Machine Tool Industry after The Pandemic."

Chairman Huang of TAITRA said that Taiwan plays a crucial role in supporting the

global machine tool supply chain, as Taiwan is renowned for its customization and

innovation. What's more, Taiwan's expertise in communications and information

technology enable Taiwan machine tool

manufacturers to develop the best solutions for end users around the world,. Huang also pointed out that the TIMTOS x

TMTS mega show will be showcasing

a wide array of R&D outputs of high profile manufacturing from Taiwan Team.

TAMI Chairman Wei added that the previous supply chain has been fundamentally changed since the global pandemic has

created an opportunity for Taiwan players

to explore new businesses in the post –

pandemic era.

Meanwhile, Chairman Hsu, TMBA, encouraged continuous progression toward

intelligent manufacturing, SaaS and interface unity. The co-branded event, TIMTS x

TMTS 2022, will be another eye-catcher,

right after Taiwan machine tool industry's

outstanding performance in helping fight

against the pandemic with great success

last year.

The emerging industries, for example,

electric vehicles have caused great impacts on the global machine tool supply

chain to date. Jimmy Chu, Chairman of Fair Friend Group and Jui-Hsiung Yen, Chairman of TTGroup shared options and experiences about enterprise transformation

in the wake of such opportunities and

challenges, which fully demonstrated Taiwan companies' resilience and flexibility

when dealing with the supply chain issues.

Aside from Fair Friend Group and

TTGroup, key exhibitors at home and abroad include HIWIN, PMI, Victor Taichung, YLM, SHINBU, KFO, CHMER,


YCM, TRUMPF, Delta, Mitsubishi, and Siemens.

The machinery industry has become Taiwan's third trillion-dollar industry, second

to the semiconductor and panel industries. Total exports of Taiwan machine tools

from January to October this year reached US$2,245 billion, a phenomenal increase by 27.6% over the same period last

year. With increasing COVID-19 vaccination rates and growing demands, it is expected that Taiwan machine tool industry

exports will hit a new record in the next

few months.

In response to border control, TIMTOS x

TMTS 2022 will launch a lineup of online

services and activities in conjunction with

the physical exhibition, including On-site

Guide for Online Visitors, Live Tour @

Showground, Live Stage for product launches, virtual display, and online 1-on-1

procurement meetings.

The online registration for TIMTOS x

TMTS 2022 visitors is available on the official website www.timtos-tmts.com.tw. For

updates on the latest, please visit the official website, or follow the shows on social




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