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Precision Rotary Table Manufacturer

4th and 5th Axis CNC

HOSEA is the first indexing table supplier in Taiwan to obtain AS9100

aerospace-quality certification and has more than 52 years experience in CNC

development & manufacturing. The company is the largest CNC 5th axis rotary

table supplier in Taiwan, with over 300 CNC rotary table sets exported per year.

The TDRT-500 tilting CNC rotary table

was developed to meet the requirements

of manufacturing aerospace components

with complex shapes. This rotary table

uses a direct drive type motor with a rotation speed that exceeds 500RPM, providing high speed and high precision surface cutting ability. In addition, the weight

capacity of the TDRT-500 and

TRNC-500B is up to

500kgs for both B

and C axis, which is

the best performance in this field. The use of

German high precision diameter

axial bearings ensures excellent precision and durability, and can provide

±110° inclination angle

in combination with customers'

machine tool design for multi-axis surface machining applications.

"At Hosea, precision quality comes first

at every stage of the production process."

asserts the current General Manager, George Wei. Hosea's rotary tables have been sold & widely used in the European

market, and have earned a high reputation among customers. In addition, a famous German machining company has

designated HOSEA as one of its primary

5-Axis CNC machine ODM companies.

This cooperation has lasted for more than

10 years.

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company has

extended its product line to include roller gear cam rotary tables, and can offer

4 kinds of driver system from worm wheel

and shaft, roller gear cam, hypoid gear to

D-D motor. These cover machining conditions involving high load, high rigidity,

and high speed, or requiring high precision, fine tolerances or hydrostatic rotary


The other highlight of HOSEA is the integrated "Remote Monitoring Platform"

with rotary table to upgrade product

value. It


map navigation,

on-site inspection, and

real-time monitoring to achieve IoT predictive diagnosis of rotary table through the Cloud. During

machining operations, if a divergence

occurs between worm gear and worm gear teeth, a sensor will send a signal to the

Cloud service indicating the problem.

Both the client and the manufacturer will

receive notification, allowing for immediate inspection and repair.

There are many CNC milling machines

manufactured today, all able to perform a

vast array of milling operations. Whether

it's the milling of straight lines or complex

curved surfaces, the challenge manufacturers face is to consistently produce milling

machines that perform with perfect accuracy and precision. This is where HOSEA

stands out.