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functions. It can be used as a standard 3-axis

or even a 5-axis machining centre in combination with the rotary ultrasound.

faster than conventional machining. The PZT

Piezoelectric Principle is applied during

vertical vibrations.

The compact size of this machine needs very

little floor space while machining speed

produces more parts per hour than similar

machines from competing manufacturers.

The machine is made up of a very rigid

column and a moveable desk. The ballast, the

frame, as well as the column, together with

the other constructed parts, are all made

using casting from MEEHANITE high-strength


Linear sliding roller guides, which produce

2.5 times higher rigidity as compared to

ball-type guides are used for moving axes X, Y

and Z. This ensures high rigidity with quick

In conclusion, I would like to say that the

companies listed here are CNC invest's

key partners and their machines have

been serving many satisfied customers for

several years now. We will be happy to

welcome anyone interested in more

information on delivery, service etc. at our

exhibition at the MSV 2019 Expo in Brno –

Hall P – booth 024.

TONGTAI VU-5 Ultrasonic

MicroHole Drilling

A typical application is "MicroHole" drilling of

miniature bores and machining glass,

sapphire, silicon carbide, quartz, ceramics,

quenched steel alloy with a high nickel and

non-ferrous material content. Any material,

which is softer than the cutting tool can be

machined using this ULTRASONIC technology. Rotary ultrasound machining combines

high speed spindle rotation with a high

frequency, with vertical vibration of the

cutting tool. The diamond tool "hits" the

material at high contact speed, which

significantly reduces the cutting strength and

produces ultralight soft surfaces while increasing cutting efficiency; which is 3 to 5 times

and precise movements. 25 mm diameter

ballscrews are in accuracy category no. 3,

with a double pre-stressed nut, which allows

for standard work with a shift of up to 20 000

mm/min and an axis acceleration of 1.2 G.

Tools of various shapes can be attached into

the special ER11 (ER16/20 option also

available) tong holder for machining, using

ULTRASONIC technology. TONGTAI uses

fantastic ultrasound control technologies to

reach axis vibrations of the tools at a frequency of 15 to 45 kHZ, with a maximum spindle

rotation speed of up to 24 000 tpm with

unparalleled accuracy. This technology

significantly decreases bore edge chipping.

The 3-axis tool is equipped with the Siemens

828D control system, a 10.4" TFT display,

with ShopMill and Advanced Surface.

This machine belongs to the elite category of

TONGTAI products.

Ing.Vladimír Bláha, CNC invest, s.r.o.


VU-5 model