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T A I W A N b u s i n e s s l machining l machines and tools

VISION WIDE TECH CO., LTD the manufacturer

of portal CNC machining has expanded production

and launched several new products in 2017


LTD, founded in 2000 as

a professional

manufacturer of portal

CNC machining centers,

develops machining t

echnology according

to various industry

requirements and provides

complete solutions for

end customers, from

machine delivery

to required application


The company offers a wide range of machine tools for a variety of machining requirements: power machining, high-speed machining, 5-sided machining 5-axis

machining, sliding crosspiece on the portal stand, etc. VISION WIDE machines are

used in the sectors of component machining, plastics, engines, trains, aviation,

ships and power generation.

VISION WIDE considers employee training and development to be a key asset,

ensured through Total Quality Management (TQM), Numerical Objective Management (NOM) and a system of staff learning and training, creating an active work

environment, and implementing systems

of a continuous improvement of processes, creativity, and of the executive. Vision

Wide inspires all its partners to adopt a

common corporate vision to deliver a mission of contribution to the society.

In March 2017, VISION WIDE opened

its third production plant in Natou. The

new production hall is air-conditioned,

24 meters high and with a base depth of

4 meters. It extends the possibilities of fu-

ture VISION WIDE production of larger

machine tools.

Nejnovější výrobní závod VISION WIDE v Natou

New models for 2017

In 2017, the company has launched several new machine tool models to increase

the productivity of machining for the

users. These include the GS and SE series

machines (see figure below).

MRM Machinery s.r.o. has been the exclusive sales and service representative for

the Czech and Slovak Republics since




MSV 2018

special 1/2017 T+T T e c h n i k a a t r h

at the International Engineering Fair

in Brno 2018 you can find us again

in the pavilion P